Monday, November 19, 2012

Details on our VW

Sugar is short for Sugar Magnolia. She is a 1991 VW camper van with a Subaru engine. This type of VW camper van is called a Westfalia or Westy. All of the original items work with the exception of the frig. Apparently the frig systems never worked well. We have a portable frig that runs off electric or the car battery. A solar panel was also purchased so we can have refrigeration even when we are boondocking. Sugar measures about 18ft long with bikes. Even with that small size there is plenty of storage. We will be taking out the old frig and replacing with a kit that makes for more storage with plans to use this for food storage. We have a few decorations that lean towards ladybugs. Since the curtains have some red this makes for a perfect fit. Plus Sugar is a bug and has a ladies name. A stand alone canopy gives us shade or protection from rain.
A few purchases were made to make travel easier, one was a bike rack to hold our bikes and another was a travel/storage bag that sits on the outside top front of the van. As we prepare for our trip pictures will show the interior. Right now Sugar is in our garage. Winter camping trips will only occur if the night temps are 35 or above.

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