Sunday, June 30, 2013

Views for today

More pictures from the bike ride up Haines Highway.

June 30

Jim and Sandy went on a bike ride today up Haines Highway. They rode about 6 miles up and then back. Lots of wild flowers and birds singing. It was a great ride today. The first picture is of a bike from The Hammer Museum in Haines.

Sunny day here, calling for rain for a few days starting on Monday.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chore Day June 29

While I was parked at the Hitchup Jim and Sandy rode their bikes to the dock and then to the farmers market. Then back for laundry and a haircut for Jim. After laundry is grocery shopping. Here's a picture of an Alaskan bike rack made out of trees and Haines Community garden. A little cloudy this afternoon

Relaxing some more,


Friday, June 28, 2013

Drip, Drip and Rain, But then.....

I have been parked at Salmon Run CG with a great view of Lutak Inlet. Sandy and Jim have kept busy riding bikes and short hikes around the wooded area and beach of the campground. Monday and Tuesday there were thunder storms that lasted for a few hours each night. Thunder is actually a rare occurrence in Alaska. Wednesday Jim made a campfire around 3 figuring it would rain later and it did. It rained from about 6 PM Wednesday to mid afternoon Thursday. Some of the rain was so heavy that Jim and Sandy stayed inside. But they also took some walks in the rain. But by Thursday night the weather began to clear some. But best of all was watching the humpback whale right in front of my space. Plus 3 eagles flying around, skreeching and hunting. Then this morning the whale was really close, we could see him slapping with his fluke and tail and he actually breached a few times. One of those times that again a camera can't capture.

I am parked again at Haines Hitchup they have electric and decent wifi.

Enjoying this trip,


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday June 25

We woke up this morning to fog on the canal. It was a beautiful morning after the storms that lasted close to midnight.

More pictures,


Monday June 24

We moved to Salmon Run CG. I have a great view of Lutak Inlet. Around 8 PM it started to thunder and lightening plus heavy rain. To most a thunder storm is expected but in Alaska it is a rare occurrence. There was a thunder storm in Juneau a few days ago and it was the first time in 18 years.

See a few pictures below. We will be here until Friday morning and then back to Haines Hitchup so Sandy and Jim can go to the 4th festivities.

Watching the storm,


Monday, June 24, 2013

June 17 to June 22

Even as a VW I thought it was just too buggy at Chilkoot Lake State Park. The last night there Jim asked the neighbor camper how he could sit outside all day and not be bothered. He uses Coleman Misquito Coils. We have found they work and are trying them out now. But we have moved to a campground closer to the town of Haines.

Moved to Chilkat State Park. Set up camp, Sandy saw a bear on the way. Jim used is spinner rod and fished or lost lures as he says. Because of the tress this area is not so light at night. The lake and river are extremely high. We can walk just a few feet to the lake but it is easier to go down the road as it is not so over grown.

Two eagles one on each side of the river, speaking to each other. The eagle on our side tried to catch the fish a man was bringing in. Fun to watch the eagle swoop down to the water.

Very clear today and much drier.

After battling the Misquitos over the lat few days went to town to swim in the Haines pool and shower. Very relaxing.

Moved to Port Chilkoot campground behind Haslingland Hotel. Very old but nice to get away from the bugs.

See the pictures.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chilkoot State Park

We have been at the state park and will stay there until Friday morning. It is beautiful, but extremely buggy. Pictures later. Sandy and Jim are at the library and then off to swim and shower.

Trying not to get to many bug bites,


Monday, June 17, 2013

Packing and On The Move

After spending from Friday afternoon to Monday morning we will be on the move again. Our next stop will be Chilkoot State Park Campground. This campground has vaulted toilets and non-drinking water. A lot rougher than we have been experiencing.

While Jim and Sandy were at The Attic apartment they re-packed and cleaned my interior. This took about 4 hours. Even though they thought they were packing only the essentials three boxes of STUFF will be returned to COS by mail. This stuff includes shoes, an extra blanket, clothes and a few pots that have not been used. Their thought was if it has not been worn or used in the month it is probably not needed. Below are some things to consider if packing for a multi month trip.

Shoes - Don't bring biking shoes. Each person brings 1 pair of slip on shoes, 1 pair of hiking boots and in this case 1 pair of rain boots.

Clothing bags - 1 bag for each person

Emergency bag - this includes DR in a Bag and any items that would help if needed. Sewing kit, extension cord, bandages and medicines for headaches or colds.

When packing food keep like meals together for example: keep coffee, tea, hot chocolate and breakfast foods In same cubby.

For biking just bring bikes, helmets and Sandy's basket. Sandy's basket can hold the helmets.

PACK LIGHTLY!! Use the space available wisely.

Getting ready for some real camping,


Friday, June 14, 2013

Views for Today

I just can't believe this weather, most days have been sunny and warm. We have been here almost 3 weeks.

I was packed up and moved a few miles to an apartment called The Attic. Tomorrow morning is the Kluane Bike Race with 1,200 racers and a free Salmon BBQ from 6 to 9 in the evening.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kayak #3

More pictures.

Kayak #2 - BEAR!!

On the way back from the kayak trip the guide was talking about the saw mill and when it was closed. Suddenly off to the passenger side they saw a bear. Jim got some good pictures.

Kayak Trip #1

While I stayed at the RV park Jim and Sandy rode their bikes over to the kayak tour. As planned it was just them and a guide CJ.

This trip was incredible and hard to explain. There are some things words or pictures don't give a good enough explanation. The trip was in Chilkoot Lake with incredible mountains and water falls, plus the vegetation.

This type of trip uses your eyes but also your ears. The sounds from the water falls on both sides of the lake and sounds like echoes. The Chilkoot Lake is very large and the water falls are distances apart. Sandy and Jim also tasted spruce tips off the tree, so used that sense too.

A few things to mention:
A splash was made while a bear was in the lake. All we saw was the splash as he left the area quickly. As the kayaks were being readied for the trip home Sandy saw an eagle touch down in the nearby river and fly off. No pictures since it happened to fast. This is one of those experiences that cameras don't do justice to the event.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Note

Yesterday a fire started in the area east of our house in Black Forest, Colorado. Tonight we have received via reverse 911 that our area is on pre-evacuation orders.

Thinking of all affected by this fire.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Great Day

Here are a few pictures from our drive on the way back from 33 Mile Roadhouse. These were taken while driving so may not be the best.

Another day without clouds or rain.


33 Mile Roadhouse

Jim and Sandy took me out for a drive ending at 33 Mile Roadhouse. We went up Haines Highway 33 miles. This highway at 38 miles enters Canada. From there travelers can go east through Canada or go west through Canada for a bit and then back into Alaska. This roadhouse is the last place to stop before customs. Gas was $4.99.

According to Jim and Sandy they had great burgers. Some neat pictures were taken of the area and the roadhouse.

Fun Drive,


Monday, June 10, 2013

Cooking and Food Storage

Cooking and food storage is different in Me. The floor space I have for cooking and living is about 4 feet by 5 feet. I have various spaces for storing food, a sink and a propane stove inside. Sandy has compiled some cooking and storage plans to help with these particulars.

Items in boxes or bags are transferred to zip lock bags as they take less space and ensure freshness. Zip lock bags are reused until they don't zip or have holes and if meat is stored in the bag.

Cooking is mostly done on my propane stove. On occasions Jim will cook on a small charcoal grill. There is a camping stove and a cylinder of propane in the event my propane runs out.

A portable refridgerator was purchased as the VW installed does not work well or at all. This has helped storage of cold items. When I don't have electric then solar power is used as well as battery power when there is no sun.

A loaf of bread is used instead of hot dog rolls. A loaf of bread is more versatile. Bread can be used for sandwiches, hot dogs, French toast, toast etc.

Italian sausages are difficult to cook. When used they are cooked on the charcoal grill when other meat is cooked. These sausages are then used to make sandwiches and as a second meal with spaghetti.

Hamburger is cooked for two meals. Less than 1/2 lb Is needed to make chili or goulash.

Tortillas are used for tacos but also as a bread to go along with a meal or to make a breakfast style burrito. Breakfast foods are used for dinner rather than breakfast due to the cleanup needed.

Speaking of cleanup. Big dish washing is done once a day in the evening. This conserves water.

Breakfast consists of granola bars, hot or cold cereal, coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate.

Two favorite meals:
One large Boboli pizza crust
One package of pizza sauce
One small package of Mozarella cheese
About 12 pieces of pepperoni

Cook to crispy the top side of the crust where the toppings go
Turn over (off the heat)
Put sauce, cheese and pepperoni on the top that has been crisped
Cover the toppings with foil
Cook on low heat to melt the cheese and crisp the bottom
Watch that the crust does not burn while melting the cheese.

Ham and Noodles
Cook one box of Velveeta Mac and Cheese
Heat one can of stewed tomatoes
Dice one small can of Spam
Heat and combine to taste

Makes me hungry and I don't eat,


Compare your prices to Haines

Compare these prices to what you pay. There are two full size grocery stores and one small organic store in the town of Haines. We have not bought groceries at the small organic store but it's a great place for coffee and locals.

Gas $4.57 per gallon
Gallon of Milk $5.99
Hot Dog Rolls $2.59
Alaskan Brew 12 case $20.00, $16.00 in Juneau
Cheap paper towels $1.45, I usually pay $1.00 at home
Ground Beef $3.83 per lb
Single can of coke $.99, I have paid $.50 to $.60 at home
Drinking Water 1 gallon $2.65
Small shredded Moz cheese $3.45
Hebrew National Hot Dogs $5.85
Cherries 7.99 a pound
Small box of blueberries $5.29
Very small pineapple $6.99
1/2 Gallon of OJ $5.69
Store brand raisin bran $3.95 for a regular sized box

1 gal propane cylinders for camping $9.99 at the grocery store or $5.49 at sporting goods store. At home they run about 2 for $5.00.

Jim and Sandy don't smoke, but:
Pack of cigaretts $8.00 to $10 depends on brand
Carton of cigaretts $90 to $109 depends on brand

LIBRARIES ARE FREE!!! While free wifi might be slow the price is right. My AT&T& T service should work other places, but not in Haines. My Verizon Phone works well. WiFi can be bought for about $26 a month from AP&T (Alaska Power and Telephone). Some RV or camping places offer wifi to their guests. This reception is faster than the library. But many places don't offer it for their guests as it can be purchased.

So, with these prices Sandy and Jim are trying to be careful and use every bit of food items that are purchased.



Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chilkoot Lake and River

Jim drove me out to Chilkoot State Park which is a river and a lake. Plus a great campground. I had a great view while Sandy and Jim watched the water and walked around. Not much to do but relax.

On the work end of things Jim worked yesterday and today on my door system. Now all my doors can be opened manually which is a big help to them during moving or just setting up the back end. Plus being a VW my engine is in the back. Until Jim got my rear hatch to open today there was no access to my motor.

Below are some pictures of Chilkoot Lake and area. Look in the picture that is just treetops, can you see the eagle?

Hanging around,