Sunday, June 2, 2013

Monday June 3

Today is moving day. Before we get settled at our next RV park we will be taking a ride to Chilkoot Lake and State Park. Now, don't get them confused. There is a Chilkat State Park and a Chilkoot State Park. Chilkoot has a lake, called of all things - Chilkoot Lake. Sandy is always getting them mixed up. Part of this trip will be looking at campsites. After the Kluane Bike Race which is June 15, camping will be more camping stye, rather than RV parks. But it has been nice to have electric, as it still gets cold some nights and early morning.

Friday was an extremely rainy day, especially from afternoon through the evening. Saturday was much better, but pretty cloudy. Jim and Sandy went to church Saturday night. If they weren't there and 4 other visitors there would have been about 5 people attending. Last Sunday they went and there were more people, probably about 20, but not what they are used to.

I am parked at the HitchUp. The views aren't as good, but great wifi, that makes Jim and Sandy happy. I really enjoyed the drive to Chilkoot Lake and State Park. Spotted an eagle in a tree. Great camping, so that is in our list too.

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