Monday, June 10, 2013

Cooking and Food Storage

Cooking and food storage is different in Me. The floor space I have for cooking and living is about 4 feet by 5 feet. I have various spaces for storing food, a sink and a propane stove inside. Sandy has compiled some cooking and storage plans to help with these particulars.

Items in boxes or bags are transferred to zip lock bags as they take less space and ensure freshness. Zip lock bags are reused until they don't zip or have holes and if meat is stored in the bag.

Cooking is mostly done on my propane stove. On occasions Jim will cook on a small charcoal grill. There is a camping stove and a cylinder of propane in the event my propane runs out.

A portable refridgerator was purchased as the VW installed does not work well or at all. This has helped storage of cold items. When I don't have electric then solar power is used as well as battery power when there is no sun.

A loaf of bread is used instead of hot dog rolls. A loaf of bread is more versatile. Bread can be used for sandwiches, hot dogs, French toast, toast etc.

Italian sausages are difficult to cook. When used they are cooked on the charcoal grill when other meat is cooked. These sausages are then used to make sandwiches and as a second meal with spaghetti.

Hamburger is cooked for two meals. Less than 1/2 lb Is needed to make chili or goulash.

Tortillas are used for tacos but also as a bread to go along with a meal or to make a breakfast style burrito. Breakfast foods are used for dinner rather than breakfast due to the cleanup needed.

Speaking of cleanup. Big dish washing is done once a day in the evening. This conserves water.

Breakfast consists of granola bars, hot or cold cereal, coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate.

Two favorite meals:
One large Boboli pizza crust
One package of pizza sauce
One small package of Mozarella cheese
About 12 pieces of pepperoni

Cook to crispy the top side of the crust where the toppings go
Turn over (off the heat)
Put sauce, cheese and pepperoni on the top that has been crisped
Cover the toppings with foil
Cook on low heat to melt the cheese and crisp the bottom
Watch that the crust does not burn while melting the cheese.

Ham and Noodles
Cook one box of Velveeta Mac and Cheese
Heat one can of stewed tomatoes
Dice one small can of Spam
Heat and combine to taste

Makes me hungry and I don't eat,


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