Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday and Friday May 30, 31

Thursday was a cloudy day, so many chores taken care of. I stayed parked while Sandy and Jim walked around. Below are some pictures of Ft Seward. Jim had a bike tire that needed to be repaired. Sockeye Cycle is near Ft Seward. The sky cleared up Thursday night, so good views for relaxing after dinner. But, very gray and rainy Friday and through the weekend. Jim and Sandy took a walk Friday morning. Both Sandy and Jim enjoy the rain and moisture. It typically does not lightening in Alaska. They were certainly dressed for the weather with rain jackets and rain boots. One of the preferred rain boot for AK is the Xtratuf. These are rubber boots and sometimes are called Alaska sneakers. These boots are very comfy and are seen all the time, even when the weather is dry.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Price Comparison with Haines AK and a few pictures

Compare these prices to what you pay. There are two full size grocery stores and one small organic store in the town of Haines. We have not bought groceries at the small organic store but it's a great place for coffee and locals.

Gas $4.57 per gallon
Gallon of Milk $5.99
Hot Dog Rolls $2.59
Alaskan Brew 12 case $20.00, $16.00 in Juneau
Cheap paper towels $1.45, I usually pay $1.00 at home
Ground Beef $3.83 per lb
Single can of coke $.99, I have paid $.50 to $.60 at home
Drinking Water 1 gallon $2.65
Small shredded Moz cheese $3.45
Hebrew National Hot Dogs $5.85
Cherries 7.99 a pound
Small box of blueberries $5.29
Very small pineapple $6.99
1/2 Gallon of OJ $5.69
Store brand raisin bran $3.95 for a regular sized box

1 gal propane cylinders for camping $9.99 at the grocery store or $5.49 at sporting goods store. At home they run about 2 for $5.00.

Jim and Sandy don't smoke, but:
Pack of cigaretts $8.00 to $10 depends on brand
Carton of cigaretts $90 to $109 depends on brand

LIBRARIES ARE FREE!!! While free wifi might be slow the price is right. My AT&T& T service should work other places, but not in Haines. My Verizon Phone works well. WiFi can be bought for about $26 a month from AP&T (Alaska Power and Telephone). Some RV or camping places offer wifi to their guests. This reception is faster than the library. But many places don't offer it for their guests as it can be purchased.

So, with these prices Sandy and Jim are trying to be careful and use every bit of food items that are purchased.

History Lesson and Pictures

Here are some facts about the area. This information comes from the Haines Visitor Guide.
-White Fang was filmed here. Dalton City was moved to the fairgrounds.
-Haines Highway is integral to the economy.
-Ft Seward was carved out of the wilderness in 1903 by the Army. This base was the focus of economy for 50 years.

-Some buildings date back to the early 1900s.
-The Chisel Building was built in 1916 and is the tallest, at 4 stories, in Haines.

Native Alaskans
-There is a lot of history and language information. More will be posted later.
-Known for Totem Poles
-There is a cemetery with headstones back to the 1880s

Some info,

Wednesday May 29

Another glorious day, pretty clear. Today Jim and Sandy took me out for a ride. First we went out to the Battery Point Trailhead. This is any pretty flat trail, but tree roots at every step. Sandy says they are waiting to twist an ankle, and of course the Devils Club is just waiting for someone to fall in it or grab it. Devils Club is full of stickers very dangerous to fall on or grab. Very much like cactus only it is leafy. Devils Club has a woody appearance on the stalks, so easy to think it is a bushy tree. The hike out ends at Kelgaya Point and then another short walk takes you to Battery Point. Two plants to watch for when hiking is Devils Club because of the stickers spines and Cow Parsnip which burns the skin like poison ivy only worse.

After that great hike we were back on the road. First stop was the Haines Canning Co., these buildings are from 1701. This is on the Letnikof Cove.

Then off to Chilkat State Park. Here we saw both the Davidson Glacier and Rainbow Glacier. This State Park had some good camping spots for later.

Then we drove through the Mud Bay area. Some hardy folks live on the other side of this bay. The bay can only be crossed by foot at low tide. Those who live here have to park their cars on the road that is on the other side of the bay from their homes.

On the way back across from the Canning Co. Is a place to get fresh spring fed water. I heard it was sure cold and yummy.

A few blog entries will be done to send pictures.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday May 28

Again I hung out while Sandy and Jim rode down Front Street to Beach Road. They found the Portage CG for bike access only, no cars are allowed overnight. Took more good pictures.

After lunch off to the library to post this blog and some pictures. Today is the last clear day as it will be cloudy and rainy for the rest of the week.

Sunset today is 9:54 PM with Sunrise tomorrow at 4:03 AM. But not really dark except around 12M and still not nighttime dark, more like dusk. I will post sunset and sunrise periodically. On Summer Solstice, June 21, Sunset and Sunrise will be just a short time apart.

Haines is very hilly, for example the roads going into town from here means walking the bikes up to the "flat" area before riding. I will post a picture of one of the residential streets we walk up.

Signing off,

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday May 27

Very quiet here today, different than we would have experienced at home. While I hung around again looking at the great view, Jim and Sandy went bike riding. They went about 4 miles up Haines Highway. Great views from a different angle. This highway is two lanes and follows the Chilkat River in the Haines area. The Highway goes into Canada at about 36 miles. During prime Salmon season for the Eagles, they congregate on the river. At about 9 miles, there are pull offs to eagle watch.

For dinner tonight Jim had his smoked salmon, chowder and sourdough bread. Sandy used the bread and make a yummy grilled sandwich.

Later Sandy and Jim watched the sockeye salmon arrive. These fish swim towards a Skagway lake. The Lynn Canal was teaming with fish for at least half an hour. This is not the fishing season for Sockeye. Jim learned about watching for these fish from Sonny. Sonny lives across the street from this RV Park and has lived in Haines his entire life. He appears to be a Native from Alaska and is very knowledgable.

Over the weekend Sandy thought she heard a cat meow, she turned around and all she saw was a Raven. A Raven is much larger than a black bird and makes many sounds. They can also mimic. On Tuesday after breakfast, Jim and Sandy heard the meow again and the Raven was sitting on the phone wire right behind them. There are a lot of stories about Ravens and mystic facts about them.

If you are interested some things to look up and research: (since I have to use the library wifii I will not take the time to put info on the blog)
Ft Seward, AK
Sockeye Salmon
Tlingit Natives

Haines On Sunday

May 26 Sunday

Sandy and Jim rode their bikes around Ft Seward, which is part of Haines. Jim bought smoked Sockeye Salmon for Monday night dinner.There is still a lot of tents and activity of people getting ready to leave after the Brewfest. It was another clear day in Haines, very sunny and warm. We were prepared for a lot more rain, but that is not expected until Tuesday or Wednesday. A few of the pictures are of the fast ferry dock area, lots waiting for the ferry to Skagway. Only people on this type of ferry.

In the evening the bikes were taken out again to see if a few good pictures could be taken of Ft Seward from a distance.

Relaxing some more,

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brewfest Haines Style

Saturday, May 25

While I sit here at the RV park and enjoy the views Sandy and Jim want to the Haines brewfest. My little RV Park turned into party central for those traveling from the Yukon. The Yukon is Canadian. To help you see the difference in the darkness, Sunset is 9:50 and Sunrise is at 4:05. But even at midnight it is not dark, more of a dusk type darkness. Sometimes it's hard to know what time it is or what day for that matter.

The Brewfest was a ton of fun for Jim and Sandy, but very crowded. 1,400 tickets were sold, which made it a sold out event. A yummy stop was made at the Hungry Moose stand twice, once for a burger for dinner and later for a soft serve ice cream.

Below are some pictures.

On Sunday, Jim and Sandy rode their bikes to the Ft Seward area. There will be pictures of that area Tuesday.

It was found that AT&T does not work in Haines, so the Internet only works with wifii.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Haines, AK

Incredible Views. most of these views can be seen from my site. I am currently sitting right on the ocean or Lynn Canal looking out at mountains covered with snow. The tide here is high and low 2 times a day. Right now the tides are low in the morning and then again in the evening. Here are some pictures of my view. With he holiday I am not be able to update again until Tuesday.

Loving My View,


Trip to Haines

We traveled by ferry to Haines from Juneau on Wednesday, May 25. This was a 4.5 hour trip, mostly on the Lynn Canal. We have been enjoying the view and getting settled here in Haines. This weekend is the brewfest which makes this a big weekend for this little town.

Here are some pictures of our trip down the Lynn Canal.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


it seems like I will have to update this blog from the local library. I will do more in the next few days.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We got on the Malaspina ferry departing at 7 am. When a ferry departs we have to arrive 2 hours early, plus time to get packed up. So another early morning for all of us. Once I arrive in Haines we would have traveled just a few miles less than 1800 by ferry. After we arrive in Haines there will be many days I will be stationary as Jim and Sandy will either walk or ride their bikes. The first place we are staying is a RV park right on the ocean by the small boat harbor. This place has electric, laundry and showers. Haines is on the Lynn Canal. we left on a very clear day in Juneau, but Haines was pretty cloudy and log rain. We also passed the Eldred Lighthouse. We saw a whale, that makes 3 since we started this ferry trip. it is not easy or even possible to get a picture. After we departed the ferry and found our campsite a lot of time was spent setting up a campsite and general organizing of my interior. All the belongings and camping stuff got pretty mixed up with ferry travel and the stay in Juneau.

Very slow Internet. Pictures will be posted later.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Juneau Pictures

A few more pictures of Juneau and Douglas Island.

Juneau Day 2

May 22

This morning Jim and Sandy walked down and took the Mt Roberts Tram. Today being another clear day there were great views from the top of Mt Roberts. It was definitely colder and around the buildings there was about 3 feet of snow. So no hiking in that area. Sandy and Jim saw a great movie about the Tlingit People and then heard the Alaskan String Band. A great show to start out the day.

Then I was out for a nice drive and went across the bridge to Douglas Island, which is right across the channel from Juneau. One of Sandy's blog friends lives on Douglas Island. It was great meeting Paula and her husband Charles. We had yummy apple pie, went for a walk along the Tredwell trail and saw ruins of an old mine. The trail comes out to a place called Sandy Beach, which was created by the sinking and subsequent demise of the mine.

Packing up for the 4 hour ferry ride to Haines. The ferry leaves at 7:00 tomorrow morning.