Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sunny Day

Wow, today was a mostly sunny day. A change from yesterday's rain. Sandy and Jim rode their bikes to Bay Cafe and had a breakfast sandwich. The cafe was in an old building that has been around from pretty much the beginning of Birch Bay. After breakfast a bunch of items were put out in the sun to dry out.

Before lunch my owners took a nature walk in the state park. A lot was learned about various trees in this area, including Red Cedar, Western Hemlock, and Birch Trees. Maple Trees were seen too.

It is hard to explain the green and rain forest appearance of this area of WA. The underbrush can be 20 feet high. The trees are so tall you can only see the tops by looking almost upside down.

Jim and Sandy went down to the beach at low tide. There were quite a few people digging for clams. The tide here goes way out, in the summer people wade in the pools left behind the tide as the water gets really warm.

Having fun,


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