Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday May 29

Another glorious day, pretty clear. Today Jim and Sandy took me out for a ride. First we went out to the Battery Point Trailhead. This is any pretty flat trail, but tree roots at every step. Sandy says they are waiting to twist an ankle, and of course the Devils Club is just waiting for someone to fall in it or grab it. Devils Club is full of stickers very dangerous to fall on or grab. Very much like cactus only it is leafy. Devils Club has a woody appearance on the stalks, so easy to think it is a bushy tree. The hike out ends at Kelgaya Point and then another short walk takes you to Battery Point. Two plants to watch for when hiking is Devils Club because of the stickers spines and Cow Parsnip which burns the skin like poison ivy only worse.

After that great hike we were back on the road. First stop was the Haines Canning Co., these buildings are from 1701. This is on the Letnikof Cove.

Then off to Chilkat State Park. Here we saw both the Davidson Glacier and Rainbow Glacier. This State Park had some good camping spots for later.

Then we drove through the Mud Bay area. Some hardy folks live on the other side of this bay. The bay can only be crossed by foot at low tide. Those who live here have to park their cars on the road that is on the other side of the bay from their homes.

On the way back across from the Canning Co. Is a place to get fresh spring fed water. I heard it was sure cold and yummy.

A few blog entries will be done to send pictures.


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