Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ferry Daze

May 18 and 19

The travel was 36 hours to the first stop of Ketchikan. Jim and Sandy walked a bit to the McDonald's and Safeway with the ferry departure at 9:30. I hear it felt good to walk on land for a while. Since this was the only port with a long enough stop to make it worth getting off, Ketchikan was a welcomed stop. The next port was Wrangell at 3:00 pm and then Petersburg at 7:00 pm. Early into Juneau at 4:00 am on Monday.

The ferry trip varied between sometimes mind numbing boredom with rain and clouds to clear, warmish and great views. With the time change and the travel Sandy and Jim were sometimes dazed. Of course Sandy taking Dramamine, which makes her pretty sleepy at times, added to the numb feeling. But, Dramamine works and keeps the experience of sea sickness away.

After a 3:00 a.m. wake up, Sandy continued to be in a bit of a daze. All that can be said about it is two things lost and then found. Once I was decompacted Jim and Sandy drove from the ferry terminal to the hotel, about 15 minutes. They sat for a while and then Sandy realized she had left the bundle of multiple coats sitting on the chair by the ferry purser desk. Now, these were not ordinary coats but included brand new Woolrich Stag jackets. These jackets had already proven to be the needed warmth on the ferry, which made them irreplaceable. So, a mad dash was made back to the ferry terminal with hopes to retrieve the coats before the ferry left. There were only a few minutes to spare. Sandy ran to the ferry ticket person and got permission to go back to the pursers desk. And there they were. During this run Sandy was quite worried that the ferry would leave Juneau with her aboard, as the ferry was preparing to shove off any minute. After that excitement Jim and Sandy had a nice breakfast and walked to downtown Juneau. The sun is really shining today and the mountains are beautiful. The next excitement was about to begin. My owners came back to me and had decided to do a little grocery shopping. As they prepared to leave Sandy realized she did not have her keys, now they are the spare but frequently used. The keys are really needed right now as the only access to my interior is by opening each door with the key as the car locks are still stuck. Once Sandy returned from the store she went through the bags the keys might have been in, with no luck. Thinking the keys were lost forever Sandy went to see if Jim and her could check into the hotel early. While there Sandy asked if any keys had been turned in. Lo and behold, the keys were found.

The pictures are of the compactor as I departed the ferry. A second blog will be sent with scenery pictures of the ferry trip. Tomorrow will be pictures of Juneau,

I am not in a daze,


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  1. Glad you found the coats and the keys! I am always worried about losing keys, but they're much easier to replace at home!