Friday, May 17, 2013

Ferry Day

I am having a problem with my driver side door, it will only open from the outside with a key. This has happened before, a minor thing but a nuisance for Jim. I just need to get reset, but that will happen on my schedule.

The three of us drove the short distance to the historic area of Fairhaven near the Bellingham Port where the Columbia will be waiting for a 6:00 departure. While I was parked in front of Tony's coffee shop Jim and Sandy walked around, wasting a few hours. Then it was discovered I could be parked in line to wait for the ferry trip and tickets could be picked up. So, this was done around 12:30. I will have the privilege of parking in the bowels of the ferry. Probably not going to be too quiet. Sandy and Jim will be on board above where there will be better scenery for until Monday morning.

Below are a few pictures of Fairhaven and the wait in line. I am number 3 in this row going to Juneau.

Getting Close Now,



  1. How fun! Ferry looks great!

  2. I am so excited for you! The Columbia is my favorite of the Alaska State Ferries - a dining room AND a cafeteria! It is a beautiful trip and I am really looking forward to meeting you and Jim and of course, Sugar!