Sunday, May 12, 2013

Washington State

Today was a travel day of many differences. First was Pendleton hill which was very over rated as difficult. Then on to Snoqualmie Pass which is in WA. This pass was again not as difficult as we thought, mostly mountain type driving with no serious ups or downs or curves. But the weather was rainy and we could see fog up on the mountain tops, so weather is something to consider. Next was 405 to 5 North. This was very congested even for a Sunday morning. Now we are at Birch Bay WA State Park until Thursday morning. Jim and Sandy are loving it here. It is very green with the Bay just a short walk away. Bike riding and hiking are on the agenda over the next few days. Pouring rain at the minute. Jim put my rainfly on to keep the canvas dry.

BTW, we are now on Pacific Time, we were yesterday too. Also, saw a few people at Emigrant Springs looking for mushrooms. I guess they are worth $45 a pound.

Resting up today, total driven about 1,500 miles.

Sitting in the rain,


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  1. Welcome to the PNW! Wet, green and wonderful!