Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday and Friday May 30, 31

Thursday was a cloudy day, so many chores taken care of. I stayed parked while Sandy and Jim walked around. Below are some pictures of Ft Seward. Jim had a bike tire that needed to be repaired. Sockeye Cycle is near Ft Seward. The sky cleared up Thursday night, so good views for relaxing after dinner. But, very gray and rainy Friday and through the weekend. Jim and Sandy took a walk Friday morning. Both Sandy and Jim enjoy the rain and moisture. It typically does not lightening in Alaska. They were certainly dressed for the weather with rain jackets and rain boots. One of the preferred rain boot for AK is the Xtratuf. These are rubber boots and sometimes are called Alaska sneakers. These boots are very comfy and are seen all the time, even when the weather is dry.


  1. I want to see a picture of those rain boots :).

  2. Xtra tufs are wonderful for SE Alaska! Did you take my advice and eat breakfast at the Halsingland Hotel?