Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brewfest Haines Style

Saturday, May 25

While I sit here at the RV park and enjoy the views Sandy and Jim want to the Haines brewfest. My little RV Park turned into party central for those traveling from the Yukon. The Yukon is Canadian. To help you see the difference in the darkness, Sunset is 9:50 and Sunrise is at 4:05. But even at midnight it is not dark, more of a dusk type darkness. Sometimes it's hard to know what time it is or what day for that matter.

The Brewfest was a ton of fun for Jim and Sandy, but very crowded. 1,400 tickets were sold, which made it a sold out event. A yummy stop was made at the Hungry Moose stand twice, once for a burger for dinner and later for a soft serve ice cream.

Below are some pictures.

On Sunday, Jim and Sandy rode their bikes to the Ft Seward area. There will be pictures of that area Tuesday.

It was found that AT&T does not work in Haines, so the Internet only works with wifii.

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  1. The second picture is of our friend Collette Costa and her band! This sounds like great fun, great food, great music and great beer! Alaskan Amber is our favorite beer in the world!