Sunday, May 19, 2013


Friday, May 17

What an experience getting on the ferry! I waited in line a while when suddenly the ferry car director told me to pull forward, out of line, and follow the directions. When we entered the ferry the next car director said "go on up to that compactor". I did not want to be compacted, to me that means smashed up on the way to the end of my road. But, in ferry speak, that means going on a lift up one floor. It was very scary, the lift had very little room on all four sides and up we went to the next floor or upper deck 5. Now cars were parked on this level so tight there was barely room to open the doors. Luckily the door to the passenger area was right there. If I had parked farther away Jim would have had a difficult time getting our bags out of my side door and into the passenger area. Jim and Sandy had packed micro meals and snacks to save on purchasing t the on ferry snack bar.

The time changed again shortly after we departed, so now we are on AK time. The berth Sandy and Jim have is small, but bigger than my living area. The ferry has a number of amenities which includes a restaurant, snack bar, theater, and a cocktail lounge. The food and drinks are average prices. Some adventurous people sleep outside in the solarium. They put up tents and/or sleep on recliners.

The scenery from the ferry is pretty amazing. We have been following the coast of Canada so far. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Looks like fun! I was hoping you got a cabin - personally, I used to love the solarium, but I like a nice soft, warm bed nowadays!

    Enjoy the rest of your journey to Juneau and see you soon!