Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday May 27

Very quiet here today, different than we would have experienced at home. While I hung around again looking at the great view, Jim and Sandy went bike riding. They went about 4 miles up Haines Highway. Great views from a different angle. This highway is two lanes and follows the Chilkat River in the Haines area. The Highway goes into Canada at about 36 miles. During prime Salmon season for the Eagles, they congregate on the river. At about 9 miles, there are pull offs to eagle watch.

For dinner tonight Jim had his smoked salmon, chowder and sourdough bread. Sandy used the bread and make a yummy grilled sandwich.

Later Sandy and Jim watched the sockeye salmon arrive. These fish swim towards a Skagway lake. The Lynn Canal was teaming with fish for at least half an hour. This is not the fishing season for Sockeye. Jim learned about watching for these fish from Sonny. Sonny lives across the street from this RV Park and has lived in Haines his entire life. He appears to be a Native from Alaska and is very knowledgable.

Over the weekend Sandy thought she heard a cat meow, she turned around and all she saw was a Raven. A Raven is much larger than a black bird and makes many sounds. They can also mimic. On Tuesday after breakfast, Jim and Sandy heard the meow again and the Raven was sitting on the phone wire right behind them. There are a lot of stories about Ravens and mystic facts about them.

If you are interested some things to look up and research: (since I have to use the library wifii I will not take the time to put info on the blog)
Ft Seward, AK
Sockeye Salmon
Tlingit Natives

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