Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We got on the Malaspina ferry departing at 7 am. When a ferry departs we have to arrive 2 hours early, plus time to get packed up. So another early morning for all of us. Once I arrive in Haines we would have traveled just a few miles less than 1800 by ferry. After we arrive in Haines there will be many days I will be stationary as Jim and Sandy will either walk or ride their bikes. The first place we are staying is a RV park right on the ocean by the small boat harbor. This place has electric, laundry and showers. Haines is on the Lynn Canal. we left on a very clear day in Juneau, but Haines was pretty cloudy and log rain. We also passed the Eldred Lighthouse. We saw a whale, that makes 3 since we started this ferry trip. it is not easy or even possible to get a picture. After we departed the ferry and found our campsite a lot of time was spent setting up a campsite and general organizing of my interior. All the belongings and camping stuff got pretty mixed up with ferry travel and the stay in Juneau.

Very slow Internet. Pictures will be posted later.


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