Monday, May 13, 2013

A Day at Birch Bay State Park

We all slept in today, really needed to rest up from all of that traveling. I am glad to hang out in the campground while Sandy and Jim explore the area. After breakfast the skies where pretty clear so off they went on a bike ride through the small town of Birch Bay. On the way they found the estuary for the Terrill Creek that is between our campsite and the bay. A small cafe is the center of town and is open from 8 to 3, hope to have breakfast there tomorrow. They also have wifii which Jim needs to use his Kindle. After a lunch of hot dogs, Jim and Sandy walked around the other camping area that is closed until May 15. While they were out it rained hard so they came back soaked, even with rain jackets. So, lots of wet stuff hanging around. Sandy did a little rearranging of my cabinets, a little painful for me, but needed. Below, the first few pictures are of our trail to the beach. We are all really enjoying this campground.

Enjoying this trip,


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