Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Price Comparison with Haines AK and a few pictures

Compare these prices to what you pay. There are two full size grocery stores and one small organic store in the town of Haines. We have not bought groceries at the small organic store but it's a great place for coffee and locals.

Gas $4.57 per gallon
Gallon of Milk $5.99
Hot Dog Rolls $2.59
Alaskan Brew 12 case $20.00, $16.00 in Juneau
Cheap paper towels $1.45, I usually pay $1.00 at home
Ground Beef $3.83 per lb
Single can of coke $.99, I have paid $.50 to $.60 at home
Drinking Water 1 gallon $2.65
Small shredded Moz cheese $3.45
Hebrew National Hot Dogs $5.85
Cherries 7.99 a pound
Small box of blueberries $5.29
Very small pineapple $6.99
1/2 Gallon of OJ $5.69
Store brand raisin bran $3.95 for a regular sized box

1 gal propane cylinders for camping $9.99 at the grocery store or $5.49 at sporting goods store. At home they run about 2 for $5.00.

Jim and Sandy don't smoke, but:
Pack of cigaretts $8.00 to $10 depends on brand
Carton of cigaretts $90 to $109 depends on brand

LIBRARIES ARE FREE!!! While free wifi might be slow the price is right. My AT&T& T service should work other places, but not in Haines. My Verizon Phone works well. WiFi can be bought for about $26 a month from AP&T (Alaska Power and Telephone). Some RV or camping places offer wifi to their guests. This reception is faster than the library. But many places don't offer it for their guests as it can be purchased.

So, with these prices Sandy and Jim are trying to be careful and use every bit of food items that are purchased.

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