Wednesday, May 8, 2013

First Day on The Trip

Today I had a pretty busy day all things considered. I have stopped with Sandy and Jim at the KOA in Laramie, WY. Not much of a view with the clouds and location but will be warm tonight since there is electric. First thing Jim got me outfitted for travel with the bike rack and the Vanabag for my top front to carry extra needed stuff. While Jim was busy with that Sandy filled my fridge and unplugged and turned off the necessary items in the house. We left about 10:30 heading north. Jim and Sandy wanted to stop in Ft Collins, so had a quick lunch and then they walked around town a bit. Due to the expected storms and wind the stay in Ft Collins was not long. The drive from Ft Collins to Laramie was WINDY. There was also a period of heavy rain and hail. Just to make things fun we saw a VW camper bus like Erica and Kelley have and a VW bus with a truck bed on the back, don't know what it is called but it made me feel right at home. Also saw a Vanagon bus like me. We will be heading out first thing in the morning for Willard SP in UT which is right outside Ogden. About 6 hours on the road tomorrow...Now it's time for dinner and a shower..

Signing off for now,


  1. Glad you're on your way! Stay safe!

  2. An eventful first day on the road! We are eagerly awaiting your arrival in Juneau!