Friday, August 30, 2013

Juneau August 30

After Jim and Sandy had a great bagel at Silver Bow we headed to the Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute for a tour. Then off to The Shrine of St Therese for a few nights stay. We may not have Internet for a few days, so pictures to come later.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Juneau August 29

Today will be chore day in preparation for the last part of our journey. Here are a few pictures of Mendenhall Glacier taken on one of our feed trips to or from Juneau.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More about Whittier

The ferry was to leave at 11:45 PM but left about 1 hour late. There was a lot of heavy construction equipment to move and semi trailers too. One of the construction vehicles was actually moved slowly due to people helping it move, it was obviously needing some repairs. it made for a long wait.

More pictures,


Whittier to Juneau

After a one hour or so drive I again has the "pleasure" or thrill of going back through the Anton Memorial Tunnel. Whittier was enjoying a clear day and some great view pictures were taken by Sandy. Whittier is a smaller than small town with a haunted and spooky building that once housed the Army. It has been abounded for years because there is no way to get the old asbestos filled items out of the town. The only access is the tunnel or by boat.

Some pictures of Whittier,


Sunday, August 25, 2013


There are many wild flowers around, but this will be about fireweed. It blooms around mid June, depending on where you are. In August the flowers move to the top of the stem. When the flowers are gone summer is coming to an end. We stopped seeing the flowers about 1 week ago. Then the Fireweed begins to seed and gets fuzzy.

Pictures of Fireweed,



Today us our last full day on the Kenai Penninsula. The sun is shining but a bit like fall. A few more pictures.

Tomorrow we go back to Whittier and through the tunnel. Then on the ferry until Wednesday afternoon.

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Renfros Lakeside Retreat

On August 23 until Monday August 26 we will be at Renfros RV Park. Just a few minutes walk to Kenai Lake. This lake is really big as we are about 60 minutes away and 20 miles from Seward.
We have all enjoyed two days of SUN. This means my insides finally dried out and Jim and Sandy are soaking up the sunlight.

On Monday we will be back on the ferry towards Juneau. Arriving in Juneau on August 28.

Caught up for now,


Last full Day at Quartz Creek

August 22 - Rained heavy again most of the day. Since last week there has been 1 sunny day on Tuesday and the rest were pretty wet. That is Alaska.

Quartz Creek is one of many creeks that salmon go to spawn. After spawning they die.These salmon change from a silver color to red and green, with a hooked mouth. Both male and female go through this change.

Pictures of the spawning salmon,


The Big Fish

Jim has caught a couple of fish at different places in this trip. But, this fish was the biggest. It made holes in net and broke the fishing reel. This fish was caught at the Kenai Lake on August 21.
FYI, Jim releases back any fish he catches.

Pretty cool,


Quartz Creek 2

August 19 - still heavy rain, pretty much hung out at the site.
August 20 - I was packed up and Sandy and Jim went into Cooper Landing and did some laundry and dried out. The afternoon was really nice. Jim and Sandy took a 6 mile so bike ride. A nice campfire ended the day.


St John Neumann at Cooper Landing

I was packed up so Jim and Sandy could go to the small church in Cooper Landing. This was a cool log cabin building with some great trails, but raining hard. When we all returned from church a tarp was put up to give Jim and Sandy more space to hang out. Jim hiked around and found some tall sticks to help keep the tarp up.


Quartz Creek Campground 1

On August 17 we did some chores and headed to Quartz Creek CG. This campground is close to Cooper Landing, on the Kenai Lake near where Quartz Creek Goes into the lake. It was raining hard when we left Anchor Point, but a lot warmer and clearing at Kenai Lake. Sandy and Jim took a long walk along the lake in the evening.

More to update.


Halibut CG

August 14 - today was Sandy and Jim's anniversary. It was very cold lat night. After a big breakfast the morning walk on the beach was taken. Jim did some more fishing and Sandy stayed behind and did some reading.

August 15 - Jim and Sandy took another walk on the beach. There was a lot of fog with clearing in some places.

August 16 - last full day. Rain was very heavy all day, so everyone stayed put.

Catching up,


Friday, August 23, 2013

Anchor Point at Halibut CG

We moved from Homer to Halibut CG on August 12. I have a great view of the Fireweed and trees. This campground is near the mouth of the Anchor River as it meets Cook Inlet which is salt water. The view from Cook Inlet is of a few volcanoes two are Redoubt and Illiama. The Ring of Fire is across the Inlet from the campground.

Jim and Sandy took many walks on the coast of the Cook Inlet and on the river banks.

August 12 Sandy and Jim walked along the coast it was pretty windy and rained some. A free camping area was found but a vehicle with 4 wheel drive is needed as it goes along the sandy beach. That evening it cleared and they sat on the bench near the campground site and watched the otters, eagles and other bird activity.

August 13 Today was pretty chilly with low clouds. On the morning walk Jim and Sandy saw the tractors putting in boats. The area has a lot of bluffs so in the areas that are flat they use tractors to put the boats in and out of the water. Jim road his bike to do some fishing on the river.

More coming,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 17 with a departure planned on August 23

This campground is on the Kenai Lake, which is huge. Near the Russian River at Quartz Creek. The name of the CG oil Quartz Creek.

Phone and slow Internet but no electric to keep batteries charged.

Pictures later,

August 12 to August 17 Departure

This campground was a GEM! It was at The Anchor Point SRA. Halibut Campground. This campground was on the Cook Inlet where the Anchor River runs into the inlet. Pictures later.


Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12 for about 10 days

We will have limited ability to charge batteries, so no updates for a few days.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Homer August 11

Pretty heavy rain today so I have just stayed parked. Jim and Sandy walked the block or so to the local bakery and coffee shop. Later they will walk to the brewery and then to a pizza place. Plenty of good hikes to take but not in this weather.

Tomorrow we head out to the Anchor Point State Recreation area. We drove through this area and liked the Halibut campground. Anchor Point is a small town with just a few essential stores etc. The plan is to do rougher camping for a few days.