Friday, August 23, 2013

Anchor Point at Halibut CG

We moved from Homer to Halibut CG on August 12. I have a great view of the Fireweed and trees. This campground is near the mouth of the Anchor River as it meets Cook Inlet which is salt water. The view from Cook Inlet is of a few volcanoes two are Redoubt and Illiama. The Ring of Fire is across the Inlet from the campground.

Jim and Sandy took many walks on the coast of the Cook Inlet and on the river banks.

August 12 Sandy and Jim walked along the coast it was pretty windy and rained some. A free camping area was found but a vehicle with 4 wheel drive is needed as it goes along the sandy beach. That evening it cleared and they sat on the bench near the campground site and watched the otters, eagles and other bird activity.

August 13 Today was pretty chilly with low clouds. On the morning walk Jim and Sandy saw the tractors putting in boats. The area has a lot of bluffs so in the areas that are flat they use tractors to put the boats in and out of the water. Jim road his bike to do some fishing on the river.

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