Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Day At Peterson Bay

Jim and Sandy got up this morning at 6 a.m. to get me packed up so we could head to The Spit. While I hung out at the parking lot they had a great day. No Pictures for now. 1. This day cannot be explained in words or pictures, as so much was seen and done. 2. A disposable film camera was used for this trip. Sandy will explain all that day encompassed.


The day started with a boat ride out to Peterson Bay. Peterson Bay is across Katchemak Bay from Homer. The boat was the Seabird. We have actually been on this boat two other times. Hard to believe out of all the boats in Homer we have only been on the Seabird! This trip was arranged through the Center for Alaskan Studies. The weather was very sunny in the morning but changed throughout the day to light rain, windy and clouds. After the boat dropped us off on the floating dock we had to take a human powered raft with about 12 of us over to the field station. This raft moves through the water by pulling on the rope. Everyone helps. Soon there will be a dock that boats can pull up to. Then the raft won't be used anymore. That is too bad as the raft is part of the experience. First we took a hike to the tide pools. The hike was beautiful and still pretty wet from the rain from the night before. We saw many sea stars and octopus too. The tide was at
-1.9 at 10:30 but then high tide was 20 at about 4. So, as this day progressed the tide came in. Tide pooling was fun,we saw lots of small sea creatures and enjoyed being in the wilderness. After the hike back we had lunch while we learned more about the native people of the area and how the rocks were developed. Then back to the dock to catch the boat over to St Augustine's for kayaking. The kayaking trip was one of the best we have done with a guide. Our guide Nick took us back to coves that are pretty much dry during a low tide. As it was after 2 p.m. the coves had filled in. We got really close to a sea otter and a harbor seal. There was some light rain and a bit of wind. After the kayak trip we took the Seabird back to Homer. We ended the day with dinner at Boardwalk Fish and Chips. Boy we were hungry. We have eaten here on all of our trips to Homer, so this makes the 3rd time.


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