Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Homer Day 2

Jim let me loose from the campground this morning and we took a drive and also did some necessary shopping. Jim and Sandy walked around the Homer Spit and then the Island and Ocean Visitor Center, which includes the Bishop Beah. They took some good pictures. After a stop and Mcd's off to the grocery store. The stop at Mcd's was the first fast food place Jim and Sandy have been to since May. The only other place was a Subway in Seward. They also watched their first movie on Netflix since they left Wyoming. Time goes so slow at times, yet each day speeds by. It seems like years ago we all left Colorado, but before we knew it was time for today's dinner.

Tomorrow is bike riding day, so I will stay here at the campground. Cloudy most of the day with some rain at times.

Enjoying Homer,


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  1. I have always wanted to visit Homer! I have a friend who lives there - Judy Dean. Her husband Steve is the harbormaster. If you run into them, say hi for me!