Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wynn Nature Center

The Wynn Nature Center is part of the Center for Alaskan Studies that runs Peterson Bay trips.
The first thing that was noticed at this center was the Monks Hood. This is an extremely poisonous plant, even when touched or brushed against. After we picked up some maps and other info we were off. As we took the trail system it was not long and we saw a MOOSE!! We watched and heard her eating and chomping away on bushes. So as not to disturb her we decided to take an alternate trail. But then Jim heard stomping and felt the ground vibrate and we realized she was following us. So, we stood still for a bit and let the moose find the trail she wanted. Then we were able to get back on the trail we had originally planned. We followed this trail and came upon some grouse. They slowed us down some as so we wanted to watch. We then followed the trail to the overlook. From here the view was of some glaciers in the distance and close up of the fields of flowers and trees. Sitting at the overlook took time as it was very peaceful there and the views were exceptional.

After the overlook we took the trail back to the center. There will be pictures on this entry and one more to cover everything.


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