Wednesday, July 31, 2013

more Exit Glacier

A few more pictures of Exit Glacier

Exit Glacier on July 31

After a stop for some mechanical updates I was ready to travel again. Next stop was the Exit Glacier of the Kenai Fjord National Park. I had a few good views of the Exit Glacier before being dropped of at yet another parking lot. Seems like I spend most of my time in either a campground or parking lot.

Sandy and Jim enjoyed a 3 mile hike to the base of Exit Glacier. It was hard for them to believe how much this glacier has retreated in our lifetime. It is guessed that at this rate of retreating the glacier will hardly be visible on this particular trail in 20 years, unless there is an ice age again.

Then it was back to Stoney Creek for a few chores as tomorrow we leave for Ninilchik. Jim and Sandy will be attending Salmonstock, which is a music festival. The mission of Renewable Resources Foundation is to celebrate resources like wild salmon and this festival is part of that celebration.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An Afternoon at Orca island Cabins

Written by Sandy

After a full morning of kayaking Jim and I spent the afternoon hanging around the resort area. This area is very rocky and rough so except for being on the water the only areas we can walk on are the connecting boardwalks that have been built and a few rocky areas. Jim did some fishing, the artist did some painting and Sandy did some reading. Turns out the artist was painting Jim while he was fishing. The artist was Susan.

This time was very quiet and relaxing.


A Kayak Story - Orca Island Cabins (July 28 - 30)

Written by Sandy - since I was not glamorous enough for this trip.

Early in the morning, while the water was flat and shiny like glass we headed out on our kayak trip. Leaving early meant no wind with low clouds. The quiet was only broken by the swish of the paddles and the kayak as it moved through the water. About a half hour later we reached our destination. This place was a small creek where the pink salmon go to spawn. When they spawn these salmon change and have a small hump on their backs so they are called Humpys. The first thing we noticed was the salmon swimming to the creek and back. The fish do this until they are ready to spawn. As we sat quietly we could hear and see the salmon jumping, since they are about 30 inches long they make quite a splash. There was so much activity near the stream: fish swimming and jumping, gulls crying out, eagles screeching and then we saw the river otters. They caught a fish while we watched and took it back to their den. The kayak allowed us to get very close to the river otter den. In fact, the otters were curious about us and swam out to see what we were about. Since we got so close to the den we were able to watch them eat the fish they caught. An eagle was also watching with serious concentration.

We slowly made our way back by kayak to our yurt at Orca Island Cabins.


Glamping at Orca Island Cabins in Seward

While I hung out at the city parking lot Jim and Sandy were Glamping. That means glamorous camping. I thought that I was glamorous but I guess not. Since most of this trip to Alaska has been camping they decided to splurge and stay at Orca Island. This resort consists of five yurts and unlimited use of kayaks, a row boat, a canoe, a rubber raft and water boards. A lot of fun was had by all visiting there. The resort is on a the Resurrection Bay in Humpy Cove. It takes about 45 minutes to reach by boat. The owners are Dennis and Susan Swiderski. The trip starts out with a boat ride to the resort captained by Dennis on the Seascape. The yurt was really neat and the connecting boardwalks took Sandy and Jim to the small art gallery that Susan runs and other community areas.

See the pictures,


More Marine Tour

The captain of our tour said in13 yeas he ha never seen Humpback Whales so active. Whales are not easy to photograph.

A few more pictures.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

taking a break

No updates until late Tuesday or early Wednesday. No Internet where we are going.

I will be parked in a Seward Municipal Parking Lot from Sunday to Tuesday.



Now many whales were seen over the course of this tour. First seen where Orcas. This is a pod of 7, this pod was 20 whales until the Valdez Oil Spill and no babies have been born since. This pod is a transient group from Hawaii called AT-1. This was a rare sighting and a research boat was following the whales.

On the way back from seeing glaciers the Humpback Whales were putting on a show. Breaching, tail waving and fully body slams were seen.

This is one of those times that a camera cannot capture the full meaning of this type of activity.


Wow!! Marine Tour

I hung around again at Stoney Creek CG while Jim and Sandy had a incredible day on the water. This tour will take a couple of blogs to put it all down. To start it off.....

GLACIERS - a lot of glaciers were seen, here are a few.


Friday, July 26, 2013

More Seward

More pics of Seward. Jim and Sandy really enjoyed walking around this place.


Seward the Alaskan Capitol of Murals

Seward has a Mural Society. There are murals all over town. Here is a good sample.



While I hung out at Stoney Creek CG, which we all like, Jim and Sandy have been exploring the town of Seward. The murals around town are quite impressive. This will take a few blog updates as only a few pictures can be loaded at a time.

So, first the campground. We have a really good site by the creek, which is moving very quickly to say the least.

In Seward,

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Not for Those Who Might Be Claustophobic

Right after the ferry ride to Whittier is the Anton Memorial Tunnel. This is the only road from Whittier to the Kenai. This tunnel is 2 or so miles long, but seemed longer. This tunnel is one way at a time and is shared with the train.

The tunnel is dark, long, wet and scary for the driver, passenger and me.

Hold on now,


Pictures from The Kennicott

here is more.

To Whittier July 23 to July 25

After I was again parked in the lowest level of the Kennicott ferry Jim and Sandy had a great trip. The ferry left Juneau around noon on July 23, Tuesday and arrived on Thursday July 25. The first afternoon was a beautiful day. The captain of the ferry was able to make the side trip to Elfin Cove. This was the first time this summer for this side trip due to heavy fog in that area. Whales and great views were constant that evening. The second day was cloudy and rainy but since the trip went through the open water nothing to see anyway.

Jim really enjoyed a lunch of smoked salmon. Thanks to Paula who smoked this salmon.

Enjoy these pictures, (more to follow)


Monday, July 22, 2013


We are back in Juneau. This is a quick stop in preparation for our next ferry trip to Whittier, AK. This will put us within a few hours drive from our next stop which is Seward, AK. The ferry trip will start on Tuesday morning and arrive on Thursday morning. No blogging until Thursday afternoon when Internet should be available again.

The hills of Juneau remind us some of San Francisco. We are meeting Paula and her husband Charles over on Douglas Island tonight.

Enjoy the pictures from today.


Saturday, July 20, 2013


Today is our last full day in Haines. Tomorrow, July 21, we leave for a few nights in Juneau. All of us have enjoyed our time in Haines. There are so many times we enjoyed, it's hard to put them all down. Arrival was May 22 with our departure on July 21. Leaving for Juneau and then the Kenai Peninsula part of our trip makes today chore day.

Enjoy a few pictures of Haines,


technical troubles

Be back soon

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Skagway, July 18

While I hung out in Haines Jim and Sandy took the fast ferry to Skagway. First thing we met up with Paula and her friend Sister Dee. Paula is a friend I met on line who lives on Douglas Island. Douglas Island is across from Juneau. She was on a trip to Skagway. Skagway is a big cruise ship stop so most of the town is about shopping. But the history of this place with the gold rush is really interesting. There is also a great train trip, but that was done a few years ago. Sandy and Jim found the small rock shop that Paula found. In all it was a fun day, but they were glad to get back to Haines.

Our time in Haines in getting close to ending.

Enjoy the pictures,