Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Parking Meter in Haines?

Sandy found this parking meter in the parking lot of the Auto Parts Store. It works, cause Jim put a dime in and it gave them a few minutes. Must be a joke though, no others in town or that parking lot. We got a few laughs out it. The town of Haines has no signal lights, including flashers and no parking meters on Main Street. Such a nice little town, very quiet, great library, lots of exercise classes, there are plays at the center, a senior center and senior housing. And only a few cruise ships stop here and then mostly on Wednesdays.

Jim and Sandy went to a community BBQ at the fire station over the weekend. it has been pretty windy, cloudy and on the chili side the last few days

We are moving back to Salmon Run CG tomorrow. Hope to see more whales from there.


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