Monday, July 8, 2013

Tribute to Howard McCabe

My Father passed away today July 7, 2013. I was not there for his passing but understand it was very peaceful. I am thankful my sister and mother were able to be there. Since my traveling from Haines to Sioux Falls could take me a few days and is quite expensive my daughters Erin and Erica will make the trip. The suffering is over and now Heaven has another Angel. He was a great Father and Man. I have many memories of my Father, too many to give the details. But here are a few things I remember. There are so many more to add to this list.
Bike rides around our neighborhood in Sioux Falls
Camping Trips
Fishing Trips
Trips to AZ
Dancing before and after my wedding
Our little dog Midget and before her Fritz
Showing him around Colorado Springs
Going to NYC and seeing the Statue of Liberty
Our trip to SD Black Hills from the east coast

And many more.

I Will Aways Love you Dad!! Thinking of my Mother during this time.



  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this time. It sounds like you are at peace with his passing and I know that feeling. Sounds like he was a wonderful father.

  2. God bless you, Sandy. We will pray for him at Mass today. I will be holding you close in prayer - I know it is difficult for you to be far away from your family.