Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Kayak Story - Orca Island Cabins (July 28 - 30)

Written by Sandy - since I was not glamorous enough for this trip.

Early in the morning, while the water was flat and shiny like glass we headed out on our kayak trip. Leaving early meant no wind with low clouds. The quiet was only broken by the swish of the paddles and the kayak as it moved through the water. About a half hour later we reached our destination. This place was a small creek where the pink salmon go to spawn. When they spawn these salmon change and have a small hump on their backs so they are called Humpys. The first thing we noticed was the salmon swimming to the creek and back. The fish do this until they are ready to spawn. As we sat quietly we could hear and see the salmon jumping, since they are about 30 inches long they make quite a splash. There was so much activity near the stream: fish swimming and jumping, gulls crying out, eagles screeching and then we saw the river otters. They caught a fish while we watched and took it back to their den. The kayak allowed us to get very close to the river otter den. In fact, the otters were curious about us and swam out to see what we were about. Since we got so close to the den we were able to watch them eat the fish they caught. An eagle was also watching with serious concentration.

We slowly made our way back by kayak to our yurt at Orca Island Cabins.


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