Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Glamping at Orca Island Cabins in Seward

While I hung out at the city parking lot Jim and Sandy were Glamping. That means glamorous camping. I thought that I was glamorous but I guess not. Since most of this trip to Alaska has been camping they decided to splurge and stay at Orca Island. This resort consists of five yurts and unlimited use of kayaks, a row boat, a canoe, a rubber raft and water boards. A lot of fun was had by all visiting there. The resort is on a the Resurrection Bay in Humpy Cove. It takes about 45 minutes to reach by boat. The owners are Dennis and Susan Swiderski. The trip starts out with a boat ride to the resort captained by Dennis on the Seascape. The yurt was really neat and the connecting boardwalks took Sandy and Jim to the small art gallery that Susan runs and other community areas.

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