Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Juneau Day 2

May 22

This morning Jim and Sandy walked down and took the Mt Roberts Tram. Today being another clear day there were great views from the top of Mt Roberts. It was definitely colder and around the buildings there was about 3 feet of snow. So no hiking in that area. Sandy and Jim saw a great movie about the Tlingit People and then heard the Alaskan String Band. A great show to start out the day.

Then I was out for a nice drive and went across the bridge to Douglas Island, which is right across the channel from Juneau. One of Sandy's blog friends lives on Douglas Island. It was great meeting Paula and her husband Charles. We had yummy apple pie, went for a walk along the Tredwell trail and saw ruins of an old mine. The trail comes out to a place called Sandy Beach, which was created by the sinking and subsequent demise of the mine.

Packing up for the 4 hour ferry ride to Haines. The ferry leaves at 7:00 tomorrow morning.


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