Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kroschel Wildlife Tour

While I waited along side of the road the tour was started by Mario who was our tour guide for the day. First thing I have to say about him for the short time everyone hung out waiting for a tour bus, is his a wealth of information and he has lived a life of outdoor adventure. While waiting for the tour Mario talked about the Red Tailed Hawk that was with him. What a beautiful bird, tame but not. Mario and Steve Kroschel have made documentaries for National Geography, Disney, Discovery and Animal Planet and probably more.

Jim and Sandy feel that this is one of those true Alaskan Tours. The buildings were rough and the animals are kept in natural enclosures. Since this location is right in the Alaskan forest the animals were at home. Pictures will tell a better story than I can. Bananas were fed to moose by hand and caribou were fed grain by hand by tour guests.

One other thing, feel free to use any pictures you want on your computer monitors.

A Fun Day!


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