Monday, June 24, 2013

June 17 to June 22

Even as a VW I thought it was just too buggy at Chilkoot Lake State Park. The last night there Jim asked the neighbor camper how he could sit outside all day and not be bothered. He uses Coleman Misquito Coils. We have found they work and are trying them out now. But we have moved to a campground closer to the town of Haines.

Moved to Chilkat State Park. Set up camp, Sandy saw a bear on the way. Jim used is spinner rod and fished or lost lures as he says. Because of the tress this area is not so light at night. The lake and river are extremely high. We can walk just a few feet to the lake but it is easier to go down the road as it is not so over grown.

Two eagles one on each side of the river, speaking to each other. The eagle on our side tried to catch the fish a man was bringing in. Fun to watch the eagle swoop down to the water.

Very clear today and much drier.

After battling the Misquitos over the lat few days went to town to swim in the Haines pool and shower. Very relaxing.

Moved to Port Chilkoot campground behind Haslingland Hotel. Very old but nice to get away from the bugs.

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