Thursday, June 6, 2013


Today is June 5, Thursday.

Jim and Sandy took me out for a ride Mosquito Lake Road to take a wildlife tour. More on the tour in the next post.

We saw a moose on our way. Not just a mother moose but her two calves as well. As I was driving down Haines Highway there they were. I am guessing by the look on the mother's face the plan was to cross the highway. She looked at me with that look of "what are you doing here?"
The three of them were on the same side of the highway as Chilkat River. As they turned around to head back to the river the babies floated with the current, while the mother moose walked down stream. The calves were very young and probably not very strong and the tier is deep there. This is one of those times that stays in your memory as pictures do not tell the whole story. You may have to zoom in or enlarge the pictures and move to the left to see both calves.

That was fun and not to be forgotten.


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