Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kayak Trip #1

While I stayed at the RV park Jim and Sandy rode their bikes over to the kayak tour. As planned it was just them and a guide CJ.

This trip was incredible and hard to explain. There are some things words or pictures don't give a good enough explanation. The trip was in Chilkoot Lake with incredible mountains and water falls, plus the vegetation.

This type of trip uses your eyes but also your ears. The sounds from the water falls on both sides of the lake and sounds like echoes. The Chilkoot Lake is very large and the water falls are distances apart. Sandy and Jim also tasted spruce tips off the tree, so used that sense too.

A few things to mention:
A splash was made while a bear was in the lake. All we saw was the splash as he left the area quickly. As the kayaks were being readied for the trip home Sandy saw an eagle touch down in the nearby river and fly off. No pictures since it happened to fast. This is one of those experiences that cameras don't do justice to the event.


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