Friday, June 28, 2013

Drip, Drip and Rain, But then.....

I have been parked at Salmon Run CG with a great view of Lutak Inlet. Sandy and Jim have kept busy riding bikes and short hikes around the wooded area and beach of the campground. Monday and Tuesday there were thunder storms that lasted for a few hours each night. Thunder is actually a rare occurrence in Alaska. Wednesday Jim made a campfire around 3 figuring it would rain later and it did. It rained from about 6 PM Wednesday to mid afternoon Thursday. Some of the rain was so heavy that Jim and Sandy stayed inside. But they also took some walks in the rain. But by Thursday night the weather began to clear some. But best of all was watching the humpback whale right in front of my space. Plus 3 eagles flying around, skreeching and hunting. Then this morning the whale was really close, we could see him slapping with his fluke and tail and he actually breached a few times. One of those times that again a camera can't capture.

I am parked again at Haines Hitchup they have electric and decent wifi.

Enjoying this trip,


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