Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 28, Monday

This is our last day here, since it is still windy we took a drive to highway 279.  It was a great drive, we saw rock climbers on what is called the wall.  We also saw some petroglyphs and dinosaur tracks.  After our ride we went into Moab again.  I parked and Sandy and Jim walked on the Midland Trail which follows a creek. Next time they visit they will take their bikes.  They weren't sure if the path was worth riding on, but it was really nice, went farther then they thought.  They did not take all of the trail available.  We headed back to the campground and started getting ready to leave tomorrow.  For now there are a few sites at the campground available.

The rest of the trip will be driving home.  So, that is all for now. 

Great Place, 


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