Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Leaving Alaska For Now

Sandy and Jim met their new friends from Juneau. Paula and Charles met us at the Rookery Coffee Shop. A great picture was taken. We liked the Rookery. It has been fun knowing someone from the area.

On another note, Sandy was out for a walk before getting on the ferry. The walk was near the downtown area. Sandy was asked were the Salvation Army store is located. Which was just a couple of blocks away. What made this question kinda neat was that the couple asking for directions thought Sandy looked like she lived in Juneau. When Jim and Sandy travel they always try to dress and behave like they are not traveling. They attempt to blend in with the local population when walking. That is impossible when driving with CO plates in AK. No cameras around the neck and no cheaply made plastic rain coats, after all this is a rain forest. They also try to pronounce words correctly. So success on that front.

I will be getting on the ferry soon,


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  1. You ARE officially locals, now! It was such fun getting to know the two of you!