Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Shrine of St Therese - Friday to Sunday September 1

I hung out in the wooded lot while Sandy and Jim spent two nights at The Shrine. The lodging was at the Post Office Cabin. There is a lot of history behind how this was built, why and how it is currently maintained. The lodging is run somewhat like a hostel, in that the space must be left cleaned up and ready for the next guest. The doors are not locked and there is no checking in or out. Sandy had made the reservations previous to the visit.

Jim and Sandy spent this time reflecting, enjoying the quiet of nature and the extremely special place. It rained off and on while they were at the Shrine so the pictures show a typical Alaskan late summer.

Sunday was spent cleaning up the cabin and then attending Sunday Mass at the Shrine.

At a campground, Internet too slow for pictures,


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